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Israeli Cuisine

The cuisine of modern-day Israel has been shaped over several centuries and is an amalgamation of influences that were drawn into Israeli food tradition through history, historical changes, and immigration. Israelis today enjoy a wide range of international cuisine options and also eat a great deal of food that is indigenous to Israel.

Popular foods in Israel include:

Eggplant Salads and Dips
Eggplant is a very popular ingredient in Israeli cuisine. Eggplant is typically roasted and is then used to make a variety of dips and salads. Salat hatzilim, which Americans would refer to as baba ghanoush, is made using roasted eggplant, tahina, lemon juice, onions, herbs, and spices.

Eggplant is typically roasted over an open flame, results in a smokey flavor.

A version of eggplant salad that is popular in Israel is to mix roasted eggplant with yogurt, mayonaise, or feta cheese. Chopped onion and tomato are common additions.

Grains, Pasta
Grains are a staple of an Israeli diet. Commonly incorporated grains include rice, couscous, and ptitim. Ptitim is an Israeli pasta that, like pasta common in the US, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Hummus is extremely popular in Israel. Similar to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the United States, hummus spread on pita is the go-to packed lunch for Israeli students. Similar to in the United States, a variety of prepared hummuses are available at Israeli grocery stores. Variations include a variety of flavored elements added to the hummus, such as garlic, peppers, or other vegetables and spices.

In Israel, one may also purchase hummus at an establishment that is solely dedicated to making hummus, called a hummusia.

Salads made of vegetables are served with most meals in Israel, including breakfast. Salad is commonly prepared with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and is made of primarily cucumbers and tomatoes. Additions may include:
Peppers, green or red
Grated carrot
Cabbage (shredded)
Lettuce (shredded)
Radish (sliced)
Herbs such as parsley, int, za’atar, and sumac

Preferences on additions to salad are somewhat regional. Bukharan Jews chop vegetables very finely, for example, while North African Jews add cayenne pepper and preserved lemon peel.

Avocado salad is also a very popular Israeli dish. In avocado salad, an avocado is sliced and mixed with chopped scallions and lemon juice. In addition to being used for salad, avocados are also spread on bread in Israel. Avocados actually didn’t exist in Israel until the 1920’s, but since being planted along the cost it has become a winter delicacy in the region.

Stuffed Vegetables
Stuffed vegetables, which in Israel are called memula’im, are made in a wide range of flavors and were originally conceived of as a side dish. Flavors range from spicy to sweet and sour, and common ingredients include stuffing a vegetable with meat and rice, bulgur, lentils, or ptitim. Commonly stuffed vegetables include squash and vine leaves, as introduced by the Ottomon Turks in the 16th century. Artichoke bottoms are also stuffed.
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