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Eating Kosher for Health Reasons

Recent trends show that many Americans are going kosher. The switch, however, is not religiously motivated. Instead, many people are finding their way to kosher eating because of the health consciousness that it promotes. According to a survey done in 2008, of those who buy kosher regularly, 62% buy kosher for its quality, and 51% do so out of a desire to purchase healthier food.

Kosher is an ancient set of rules with regard to food. It is observed by Jews. Kosher laws regulate how and where food is produced, the level of purity of a food, and the ingredients that may be found in a food. Natural items such as fruits and vegetables or grains must be inspected to ensure that nothing non-kosher has been mixed in with them. In order to be certified kosher, meat must be grown, killed, and butchered under particular standards. The kill process, for example, referred to as “shechting”, is considered more humane than the practices used at some non-kosher meat processing centers. Once butchered, the animal must be closely inspected for any signs of infection.

Given the standards that are placed upon food processing centers under kosher law, it makes sense that the general public would look to kosher as producing a higher standard of product than a typical food producer. Kosher can also lend convenience for those who wish to restrict certain ingredients from their diets. Kosher law dictates, for example, that meat and dairy must not be mixed. For vegetarians, the kosher stamp on a vegetarian product is a surefire way to ensure that no animal products will be found in that product. Similarly, since kosher products must be created under a set of discriminating circumstances, kosher certified products are carefully inspected to ensure that no non-kosher elements, such as insects for example, have made their way into the food.

Beyond dietary preferences, many Americans turn to kosher for help with shopping when allergies are concerned. Kosher law prohibits the consumption of shellfish, and therefore a product labeled kosher is safe for consumption by someone who may be allergic to shellfish. The same goes for those who have dairy allergies. If a product is vegetable or meat based and is marked pareve, it may not contain any dairy.

With the awareness toward humane and green consumption growing in the United States, the trend toward kosher eating makes sense. Given the amount of restrictions placed upon the production of kosher food, it’s well known that a great deal of oversight goes into certifying a product kosher. Although this may sometimes mean that a kosher food takes longer to produce and is more expensive in the end than a non-kosher product, many Americans like the idea of a product that was created with so much care and attention to detail. With many sets of eyes looking at each and every product, the margin of error is so slim that many feel very comfortable trusting the seal of approval given to kosher foods.
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